Teacher Training

Yoga Works 200 hour Teacher Training:

I am deeply honored to teach the Yoga Works Teacher Training program. I discovered Yoga Works when I participated in the 200 hour Teacher Training in 2004. I had been practicing and teaching yoga for several years prior, and was pleasantly surprised how the training completely revitalized the way I understood yoga. My dedication to my practice deepened, and my body became more balanced, centered and strong. When I began applying the method to my teaching, I witnessed my students’ bodies “wake up.” I could see their postures become more vibrant and alive. Over the years, my excitement for the method has grown, as I continue to understand the unlimited possibilities of teaching through this natural, intelligent and interdisciplinary approach. The integrated and expansive nature of the Yoga Works lineage gives me an effective structure in which to teach asana safely, to explore my own creative voice and to offer a healing practice of self- inquiry. In becoming certified in the Yoga Works method, and joining the teacher training team, I have rediscovered what a special training this is. Having been refined for over 20 years, taught throughout the world, and led by some of the world’s most important teachers, it is the most balanced, organized, well-rounded and cohesive training that I have ever been a part of.

I am always excited each time I step into a teacher training program. This is an amazing journey that we embark on together- to learn the deeper aspects of the practice, to courageously step into the role of the teacher, and to enrich self-understanding through embodiment. What an incredible honor it is for me to share the gift of yoga, and to bring others in to be a part of the ancient lineage and growing community of yoga teachers.

The Yoga Works 200 hour program is not only an excellent foundation for anyone looking to teach yoga… this is an incredible opportunity to deepen your practice- to enrich your appreciation of yoga- and to open the doors toward self understanding.

One of the best ways to elevate your practice is by studying to become the teacher…

Are you ready to step onto the path, and take your practice to a new level?

Some of the topics we cover:

Asana/ postures: learn detailed alignment, specific action points, and asana names in Sanskrit and English-while deepening your own practice.

Anatomy- Learn relevant anatomical principles, language, and structures to enrich your understanding of the physical body, and to prepare you for being a yoga teacher. We will cover injury prevention, and ways of working in asana that promote safe and effective healing methods.

Philosophy- learn the foundation of yoga philosophy.

An introduction to the Subtle Body- energy/ prana, pranayama/ breath control, the chakras, and the koshas.

An introduction to Pre-natal Yoga

An introduction to Ayurveda

How to teach beginners

Aspects of being a teacher- hands-on adjustments, how to look at bodies, practice teaching, and what it means to be a yoga teacher. We will also discuss the business of yoga- how to get started as a teacher, how to market yourself, ideas about teaching private clients- to prepare you for stepping out and beginning a new career.