Music for Peace and Healing

Sound and music can be extremely powerful tools for healing and transformation. We stimulate our sense of hearing, which is the body’s ability to perceive sound vibration. Human cells are made up of roughly 65 – 90 % water content, which means that our bodies are mostly made up of water… which means that we highly sensitive to sound and vibration. Sound, music, vibration literally move through our watery bodies.

Although i typically prefer to teach in silence, there are times when i find music and sound extremely effective to use in the yoga practice. Music can be a great tool to create a specific mood, sonic environment or energetic quality- which can pacify the brain, enabling us to move beyond the thinking mind. Being involved in a practice such as yoga that opens us up- physically, energetically, mentally, and which brings us to heightened sensitivity- when we experience sound vibration- whether through mantra, chant, or music- it affects us. It moves us. If we are in a depressed mood, and we hear a beautiful piece of music- we feel better, more peaceful, more accepting, more open. The way asana aligns the physical body- music, sound, vibration, mantra- these are tools for healing and transformation on an energetic level.

Whenever i play music in class, i take care to select music that will create a specific auditory environment compatible with the practice we are doing. And it’s fairly typical for several students to approach me after class and ask “what did you play in class today? That was the most beautiful piece of music i have ever heard!”

That’s where the idea for this page on my website came about… i wanted to create a place to share my love of music and sound. This is an ongoing work in progress, (and i can visualize a much larger project in the future) so please pardon it’s rough presentation right now. i am very excited to find a way to share the music that excites me- that i share in class, that i use in my home practice- and i hope you will enjoy this evolving site to celebrate healing music and soundscapes!

…and in the meantime, (while i brainstorm for how to share music here) you can ’subscribe’ to my playlists on Spotify. i’m already set up, with several great playlists, which i update regularly. ;)

Favorite Music for Meditation, Restoratives and Savasana:

Vyaas Houston – ‘Gayatri Mantra’ (American Sanskrit Institute)

Snatam Kaur – ‘Ra Ma Da Sa’

Shaman’s Dream – on the album Kerala Dream: ‘Shiva’s Flute’ and ‘Samadhi.’

Brian Eno – on the album The Pearl: ‘Late October’, ‘Against the Sky’, ‘Their Memories.’

Music to Listen to Right Now!!!

Deva Premal, Ide Were Were- is a Yoruba Mantra from Africa. In honor of the Goddess of the waters- rivers, streams, brooks- Oshun (Ochun, or Oxum) is the “unseen mother present at every gathering.” She reins over love, intimacy, beauty, wealth and diplomacy (Wikipedia). She is recognized in Santeria, Brazil, Macumba and Yoruba.

Ide were were nita ochun
Ide were were
Ide were were nita ochun
Ide were were nita ya
Ocha kiniba nita ochun
Cheke cheke cheke
Nita ya
Ide were were

Rakim… Dead Can Dance…

A real musical treat… great for sun salutations, mood-shifter, primal dead-can-dance dance…