Class Schedule

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Class Descriptions

Level One

A simple, yet challenging asana practice. In this class, we will explore basic asana (postures) and pranayama (breath integration) to build the foundation for a healthy yoga practice. In a positive environment, students will learn safe alignment principles, build strength and flexibility, while creating a balanced state of well being. This class is suitable for students of all levels.

Level One-Two

This class builds on the foundation of the level one practice. Students who are ready to deepen their practice, explore more challenging asanas, through safe and effective methods of alignment will enjoy this class. This class creates heat, invigoration and intensity, while refining alignment principles and breath control. This class is appropriate for beginner-intermediate students, looking for a strong practice with precise alignment instruction.

Level Two

A strong, intelligent, and focused practice. This class is suitable for those with a familiarity of the yoga practice, and a willingness to dive into the heat, invigoration and intensity of challenging asanas. The level two student is exploring detailed physical alignment principles, with a refined awareness and command of breath. Studying stillness and flow, relevant philosophy, and pranayama, this class will take the intermediate-advanced student to the next level of self-inquiry.


Incorporates basic asanas, gentle movements, breathing techniques and restoratives to form a slow, meditative, and calm practice. This practice allows students to build strength slowly. Perfect for beginners, students working with injuries, and regular practitioners to welcome soft openings and mind-body awareness.

Relax Deeply/ Restoratives

Based on a yin style of yoga, which focuses on relaxation, breath and meditation. Explore gentle movements, yin stretching, and breathing techniques for a soothing and regenerating practice. Restorative postures use props to support the body. The postures are held for longer periods of time to restore vital energy to body systems. This class will relax the body and still the mind.