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hey- did you get the memo? the last day on earth has been rescheduled.

A few years ago, my teacher Max Strom asked us to try this exercise: imagine that you only had a year to live. How would you choose to spend your days? What would you change, how would you live? He asked us to do this exercise, (and really believe it to be true) for one [...]

Gifts from the Tribe

i found this piece of writing in my journal from a few years ago. it was an eye-opening/ heart-expanding experience for me, and on re-reading it tonight, thought i would post it here so you can read it too. enjoy… i had my work cut out for me today. i taught a client who is 72 years [...]

Downward Facing Doggie!

looking for mandalas in nature

i am looking for mandalas in nature.. this image was taken in joshua tree. we had such dynamic weather the week i was there- unpredictable rain, extreme heat, amazing dawn and dusk light, cool nights. the mandala that i see in the sun radiates at least six bursts of light- i see a rainbow of [...]