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Mi Casa Es Sukhasana- How to Build a Home Practice.

A student recently told me this great ‘yoga story.’ She was in Scott Hobbs class, and she overheard someone mention that it had been awhile since he had practiced yoga. The brilliant Scott Hobbs said “Have you been somewhere without a floor?” Yes, you can practice yoga on your own; you don’t always need a teacher [...]

i think i have a crush on Triangle Pose: confessions of a yoga teacher.

i think i have a crush on Triangle Pose… We’ve been hanging out a lot recently. i like how Trikonasana makes me feel. i admit, i think about Triangle pose while i’m in other poses… and i dream about spending long sunny afternoons together. i just want to set my mat as close as possible [...]

Wise words from Donna Farhi

“Over two decades of teaching I have witnessed again and again the power that Yoga has to shift seemingly intransigent negative patterns to awaken the body, mind and heart to other possibilities. No matter who we are or how long we have been entrenched in self-defeating behaviors, through daily Yoga practice we can become present [...]

who’s afraid of the big bad yoga props?

Since i fell and sprained my ankle almost two months ago, i have had to completely re-invent my yoga practice. Initially, i felt frustrated that i had to turn the intensity of my practice down – but it’s been an AMAZING experience to simplify my practice, to return to the origins of alignment, and discover [...]

Building a Bridge, over troubled waters…

Setu Bandasana, or Bridge Pose, is one of my all time favorite backbends. It is a simple posture, but very effective for toning the muscles along the spine, strengthening the hamstrings and legs, opening the hips, enhancing posture, revitalizing energy, emphasizing breath and for opening the shoulders, chest and heart. To begin, place the feet [...]

Child’s Pose- Warrior 4

Child’s pose- Balasana: from hands and knees, bring your big toes together, separate the knees slightly, and draw the hips back to the heels. The knees can be as wide as the shoulders, so that the side ribs may rest on the thighs, and there is space for the belly to breathe. If the forehead [...]