Tuning the instrument.

Love this: when i teach, i usually lead one OM at the beginning of class, and one OM at the end. Yesterday in my afternoon class, the first OM sounded dis-chordinant. (Guy in the front row: woah, too loud, the whole class was not on pitch, or together at all… As a whole, they were not really listening to me or to one another). During the class, however, i felt they were really with me- excited as i am, with my new interests, points of focus, and ways of working in the postures. i watched as they listened to my instruction. It seemed as if they were really hearing me, because i could see clearly the lines of energy connecting and integrating their bodies in the postures as they interpreted my instruction. The class felt cohesive- like, we were One Unified Resonant Community, feeling the effects of the postures, movement and breathing patterns with a special connection to ourselves and with one another. And to be sure, our final Om ending the class was in perfect harmony- all the same volume, pitch and note. It was as if the practice became a way for us to ‘tune our instrument,’ refining the intimacy of our connection between body-mind-and spirit.┬áThis sacred sound vibration we individually sang out met each other in the very center of the room- it seemed as if the big room at the Center for Yoga was vibrating. Wow, my sweet “beginners,” i love it when that happens… Thank you for the magic.

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